The Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Campaign includes 100+ partners committed to valve disease education and advocacy. Partners include non-profits, advocacy organizations, professional societies, foundations, and hospitals and heart centers, all dedicated to making an impact and saving lives through awareness.

Partnership is free and easy and the campaign supports partners by:

  • Creating marketing materials such as videos, social media graphics, and sample magazine/newsletter articles
  • Providing physical assets for events such as sunglasses and signs
  • Brainstorming ideas for partner engagement
  • Connecting them to other partners
  • Sharing educational materials that can be co-branded
  • Including partner logos on outreach that reaches hundreds of millions each year
  • Highlighting partner work in outreach effort

Partners are asked when possible to:

  • Share information about valve disease with their audiences through various channels
  • Talk to other advocates, public health educators, and health care professionals about the campaign
  • Organize events or incorporate messaging into existing events, in order to educate their audiences about valve disease

Learn more through the partner one-pager below and if you’re interested in joining, fill out the partner form to the right.

Partner Resources

Partner One-Pager

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