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We want to hear from you! Sharing your story can help so many others to learn and know they are not alone as they go through their heart valve disease journey.

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About The Campaign


The annual awareness day on February 22 aims to increase recognition of the specific risks and symptoms of heart valve disease, improve detection and treatment, and ultimately save lives. While heart valve disease can be disabling and deadly, available treatments can save lives, making education and awareness particularly important. On this day and throughout the year, the campaign partners—100+ non-profits, advocacy organizations, professional societies, foundations, and hospitals and heart centers—are helping to spread the word about valve disease.

Updates & News

Welcome, MarinHealth!

April 20, 2023
We are excited to welcome MarinHealth to the campaign. MarinHealth includes three major entities – a hospital, foundation, and network of expert clinicians – and our combined offering provides North…
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3 out of 4 people know little to nothing about heart valve disease

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Say hello to our latest #ValveDiseaseDay artner MarinHealth, an award-winning, full-service, not-for-profit hospital in Marin County, California.

Visit to learn more.

Health inequities persist. We can work together this #HeartMonth and #BlackHistoryMonth to raise awareness of the risks of heart disease so Black women are empowered to be heart healthy. #29DaysofHeart

TODAY, join Rock from the Heart for an Aortic Disease Patient Education Symposium. Learn about the risk factors for aortic valve disease from an expert panel of clinicians, advocates and patients with lived experience with the disease.


Register here:

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Buy tickets / Join the guestlist – Rock from the Heart Aortic Health Symposium - MINNEAPOLIS – Loews Minneapolis Hotel, Fri Feb 24, 2023 1:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Rock from the Heart Aortic Health Symposium - MINNEAPOLIS – Loews Minneapolis Hotel, Fri Feb 24, 2023 - Rock from the Heart Aortic Health Symposium...

That's a wrap! Thank you to our experts, partners, advocates and wonderful #ValveDIseaseDay community for joining us today at our heart valve disease awareness and screening event!

Remember, three out of four Americans report knowing little to nothing about the disease. Let's ...continue raising awareness, sharing resources and, most importantly, listening to our hearts!

National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc., The Mended Hearts, Inc., MedStar Health

#ValveDiseaseDay on Good Morning America! Congressman Andy Barr talks about how this disease cut his wife's life short and how the CAROL Act authorizes funding for research to give cardiologists the tools to treat this disease that affects 11 million Americans. #ListenToYourHeart

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Video Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

Kentucky Rep. Andy Bar speaks about the dangers of valvular heart disease, the legislation he sponsored to combat it, and the importance of getting...

Experts: Regular heart checks are important because even with a healthy diet and exercise, our hearts age over time. #ValveDiseaseDay #ListenToYourHeart

We are live at our Washington, D.C. event at National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc. for #ValveDiseaseDay. Speakers from MedStar Health and Alliance for Aging Research are explaining heart valve disease to residents and screenings are taking place now. Tune in!

This #ValveDiseaseDay we are setting an unofficial record for the most hearts listened to. #ListenToYourHeart & post a pic to show that you take your heart health seriously! Thanks to our friends at MedStar Health National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc. for participating in our ...Washington, D.C. event!

You can learn more about the challenge here: