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We want to hear from you! Sharing your story can help so many others to learn and know they are not alone as they go through their heart valve disease journey.

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Welcome, University of Miami Health System!

February 14, 2024
We are excited to welcome University of Miami Health System to the campaign. University of Miami Health System (or UHealth) delivers leading-edge patient care by the region’s best doctors, powered…

Federation of American Hospitals Joins the Effort

February 13, 2024
The Federation of American Hospitals (FAH), founded in 1966, is the national representative of more than 1,000 tax-paying community hospitals and health systems throughout the United States. FAH members…

New Social Press Kit

February 1, 2024
We know you’re busy preparing for Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22nd, which is why we’ve made it easier than ever to post, share, and raise awareness with…

The annual awareness day on February 22 aims to increase recognition of the specific risks and symptoms of heart valve disease, improve detection and treatment, and ultimately save lives. While heart valve disease can be disabling and deadly, available treatments can save lives, making education and awareness particularly important. On this day and throughout the year, the campaign partners—100+ non-profits, advocacy organizations, professional societies, foundations, and hospitals and heart centers—are helping to spread the word about valve disease.

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3 out of 4 people know little to nothing about heart valve disease

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