The Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day campaign has 1000+ constituents that work alongside partners to spread awareness about valve disease and advocate for valve disease patients. Advocates play a special role in educating patients, families, and communities about the risk factors for valve disease, encouraging regular check-ups, and pointing to resources for diagnosis and treatment. If you are a current valve disease patient, family caregiver, health professional, or other advocate, we encourage you to get involved.

There are many ways individuals can participate in the campaign. This page provides resources for advocates to use in their efforts, including core messages, outreach channels, information about contacting media, and more.

Spread the Word

Social media is a great place to connect with other advocates, leverage outreach, and build momentum in the lead-up to and on February 22. Use social media to follow the campaign (@ValveDiseaseDay) and partners, get updates, and share content. When using social media for Valve Disease Day:
  • Follow the campaign @ValveDiseaseDay
  • Use campaign graphics to give your posts visual interest
  • Share photos and if you have Valve Disease Day sunglasses wear them in your selfie
  • Link your posts to
  • Encourage your followers and connections to also spread the word

Social Media Assets

Social Media Training Video
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Selfie Sign - Patient
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