At 56 I had MVR surgery… - Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

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At 56 I had MVR surgery…

“At 56 I had MVR surgery and am closing in on my 3rd year post surgery with no problems. I’ve vowed to salute my surgeon forever, but I encourage you to be your own advocate and listen and look look look. I was healthy going into the procedure which was brought to my attention 3 years prior due to a heart murmur.
which all started with a heart murmur and I never had any complications before or after. I write this not to boast but to advocate for Minithoracotomy MVR. When I was told I had to have the procedure I immediatly started a due-diligence process and found the top doctors in the Washington DC area and found a great one. The only reservation I had was cracking open my chest. I gave in and scheduled the procedure, but in my gut I wasn’t comfortable so I looked harder and found Paul Massimiano and reviewed his Minithoracotomy MVR video on Youtube with him performing the surgery. I was lucky because he was 15 miles away and in 2 days I was in his office already sold on getting my MVR with him. Today I have a scar that is less than 3 inches long and it’s next to my right nipple. Yep and you can barely see it. So what robots may do today I endorse the procedure done by the skilled hands of Paul Massimiano check it out here (spoiler alert – you will see the actual procedure so be prepared to see the heart being prepared)”