Tell Your Valve Disease Day Story - Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

Tell Your Valve Disease Day Story

Share your story for a chance to be featured in a public service announcement that will be shared on TV and throughout social media. Past PSAs from Valve Disease Day have reached as many as 100 million Americans!

Your story as a patient, a loved one of someone living with valve disease, a health care provider, or an advocate for valve disease awareness are all powerful and we want to share them with people who are just beginning their valve disease journey—or who may be at risk and aren’t even aware of the disease.

To share your story:

  1. Take a video on your phone or tablet.
    • Turn your device horizontally
    • Find good lighting—natural lighting is great but make sure it’s in front of you NOT behind you
    • Try to keep your background simple and avoid logos or brands
  2. Share in your video how valve disease has affected you and why Valve Disease Day is important to you. Don’t worry about scripting it but feel free to use any of these facts in your answer:
    • 11 million Americans like me/like my loved one/like my patients have heart valve disease
    • 3 out of 4 Americans know little to nothing about heart valve disease
    • Heart valve disease awareness day is spreading the word about risk factors and symptoms of valve disease
  3. Close with “Listen to Your Heart”
  4. Upload your video to the right by January 18th, 2021
  5. Any questions? E-mail Lindsay Clarke at [email protected].

Note that all submitted videos could be used in the public service announcement, posted on and shared on social media. By submitting a video, you hereby grant permission to Valve Disease Day to share your video and first name through those channels. Thank you for sharing