Isabell’s Heart Valve Replacement - Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day

Reader Story

Isabell’s Heart Valve Replacement

I had a heart valve replaced June of 2017. I have RA and my RA doctor found my problem and sent me to Dr Ohman at Duke. He checked me out and continued to watch me until he said that it was time to get a replacement. I had no idea what this was and had been told when my Dad was around 91 years old that he had a heart mummer and I asked the doctor if there was anything he could do about it and the doctor told me no. I guess at his age that was true. The doctors at Duke replaced my valve with a cow valve through the groin. They told me this procedure has only been available for 7 years. I have been doing well since having the new valve replacement done. I tell my husband that I moo every morning now. Thank the Lord for the good doctors I am doing well now. I will be 78 years old this March.