Become a Partner

Become a Partner

The Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Campaign is currently welcoming new partners–the more of us to amplify the message, the better. If your organization is interested in joining the campaign, you would join a list of 100+ prestigious healthcare organizations, hospital systems, non-profits, and academic groups that are committed to making an impact and saving lives through awareness.

Partners receive regular updates about the campaign efforts, have access to invaluable educational resources, connect to other campaign partners, and are invited to attend all campaign events. Additionally, partners are asked when possible to:

  • Share information about valve disease with their audiences through various channels.
  • Talk to other advocates, public health educators, and health care professionals about the campaign.
  • Organize events or incorporate messaging into existing events, in order to educate their audiences about valve disease.

Download the partner one-pager below to learn more and to share with others who might be interested in joining this important movement. If you’re interested in joining, fill out the Partner Form to the right.

Valve Disease Day - Join Us and Save Lives Partner Resource