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Each year on February 22nd, non-profits, advocacy organizations, professional societies, foundations, hospitals, patient advocates, and heart centers unite in raising awareness about heart valve disease. These efforts work to emphasize the risks, symptoms, and importance of early detection and intervention. The recent Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day saw a spectrum of activities, including screenings, social media campaigns, educational events, interviews, and more. Launched in 2017, this campaign is improving awareness of valve disease and increasing detection and treatment thanks to the collaborative efforts of our partners.




For the 8th Annual Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day, the Alliance celebrated surpassing 125 partners. This milestone underscores the continued momentum and collective commitment to raising awareness about heart valve disease and its impact on individuals and communities worldwide. As we look forward to welcoming even more partners to the campaign, we are inspired by the dedication and creativity demonstrated by our current partners and their efforts. Our 127 partners consist of advocacy groups, aging organizations, professional societies, hospitals and heart centers, minority health groups, and more who raise awareness about heart valve disease on February 22nd and throughout the year.  



Valve Disease Day Webinar

A 2024 Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day webinar was held in partnership with the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging (NCBA). The webinar, Heart Valve Disease: Its Effects on the Black Community, included expert presentations from Katrin Werner-Perez of the Alliance for Aging Research and Dr. Aaron Horne, Jr., a cardiologist at Summit Health. Mrs. Werner-Perez gave a comprehensive overview of heart valve disease, including risk factors, symptoms, and treatment. Dr. Horne discussed specific risks for Blacks and African Americans and underscored disparities in access to healthcare, socioeconomic factors, and the systemic barriers that exist which contribute to the increased prevalence and severity of valve disease in these communities. He also addressed strategies to advance equity, such as community outreach programs and advocacy for policies aimed at reducing disparities.

Social Media and Online Promotion

Throughout February and Valve Disease Day, social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook were flooded with posts, images, and videos related to Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day by partners in the U.S. and around the globe. Hashtag campaigns, such as #ValveDiseaseDay and #ListentoYourHeart, were used in posts to increase visibility and reach a wide audience.

Sunglasses & Stickers

Materials for Valve Disease Day events included heart-shaped sunglasses and stickers. Over 3,000 sunglasses and 4,000 stickers were mailed out to individuals and partners planning awareness events.


Radio Media Tour

Experts from the Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day campaign shared important information about detecting and treating valve disease in a national Radio Media Tour. Sixteen broadcasts in seven markets reached an estimated audience of 2,800,200 throughout Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Texas.


Media Highlights



Robyn Peacock, a heart disease survivor, patient advocate, and WomenHeart Champion, was featured in the Alliance for Aging Research podcast This is Growing Old. Robyn shared her life-changing journey with heart disease and what drives her advocacy work.

A WebMD podcast episode, Heart Valve Disease Awareness: Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatments, was released on February 8th. The episode featured an interview with Icilma Fergus, MD, a board-certified in internal medicine and cardiology and director of cardiovascular disparities and clinical lipidology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Fergus discussed lifestyle prevention strategies, warning signs of valve disease, new treatments, and how patients can be empowered to best advocate for themselves at the doctor’s office.

Public Service Announcements

The Valve Disease Awareness Day PSA, which explains the risks, symptoms, and importance of heart valve disease awareness, was shown during streaming programming targeting Americans ages 60 and older. The PSA was shown to people watching content on a smart TV or a TV connected to a Roku or similar device that makes it act like a smart TV, producing an estimated 301,944 impressions.


On Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day and throughout American Heart Month, campaign partners hosted in-person and online events including:

  • Seven screening events hosted across Canada featuring complimentary stethoscope checks provided by Heart Valve Voice Canada—over 584 attendees were screened for valve disease.
  • Concerts, VIP receptions, and educational symposiums hosted by Rock from the Heart in Minneapolis,
  • Free event educating about the public health epidemic of heart valve disease, the latest in research and treatment, and patient stories, featuring an exhibition hall and lunch held by the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation.
  • Patient community Voices of Support session hosted by Heart Valve Voice US’s My Valve My Voice, aimed at those with an upcoming or recent heart valve procedure.
  • Facebook live series hosted by MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute, featuring prominent cardiovascular experts from the MedStar team answering viewer questions.
  • An educational session for community members on valve disease and highlighting the valve care, work, and research of Dignity Health structural program, held in partnership with WomenHeart.
  • Screening event held by Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital including cardiovascular risk screenings for blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, body mass index, and a brief consultation with a clinician to discuss results.
  • Webinar hosted by sharing eight important tips for the lifetime management and treatment of heart valve disease and featuring a world-renowned panel of experts, with over 22,000 views.
  • Six screening events hosted across Australia featuring complimentary stethoscope checks provided by Hearts4Heart.
  • Community health summit held by Monument Health at the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo— offering a variety of health screenings and family activities.
  • Educational webinar on heart valve care in Black communities, hosted by Heart Valve Voice US.